Electrical Services

The electrical wiring diagram should be established in the early phase of the design process of any home remodeling project. You will need to take into account how you will use your new room addition or remodeled room. Picture where you would like to have electrical outlets, switches, lighting, internet, cable, and so on. We will sit down with you and go over where you would like everything placed.

Planning on adding a special surround sound systems to your home remodeling project? Installation of a built in surround sound system, intercom, or even a full home theater requires coordination to ensure costs can be minimized. How about a cable outlet? All these thing have to be thought about before your home remodeling project begins.

Are you looking for a professional electrician for your next home repair, upgrade or new installation in New York City you can rely on the expert service you receive from the New York City remodeling company Globus.