Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Every floor wears out over time. Its longevity depends on the traffic and the quality of materials used to polyurethane the floor. When the time comes to refinish the floor, our experts will help you decide what type of refinish needs to be done.

A refinish process starts with a sanding of the floor. The depth of the sanding will be determined by the depth of the scratches in the wood. We use only the latest sanding equipment that uses the “less dust” process and, of course, we will cover all your furniture and valuables with dust covers to insure their safety. Once the wood is cleaned of all scratches and striped of all polyurethane, the natural color of the wood can be left or you can add color by staining the wood. After choosing your color, the next step is to seal the wood with wood sealer as a primer layer. When the sealer is dry it will be buffed to achieve a smooth surface. The last stage is to coat the floor with polyurethane. Keep in mind that the more coats you apply, the better protection you will have and the longer it will last. Two types of polyurethane exist today in the market: oil based and water based. Both have the same strength and durability, with the water based polyurethane having a slight advantage as a “non-yellowing” material over the years. Water based is non-toxic and non-flammable.

Every coat that dries will be buffed again to smooth the surface. Both polyurethane types come with different degrees of shine. Satin finish (lowest), semi-Gloss (medium), high-Gloss (highest).

Dustless Floor Available

Globus flooring provides dustless service for your wood floor. Refinishing your hardwood floor adds value and beauty to your home. From our experience regular refinishing causes excess dust leaving your home untidy. The system operates in this fashion – The refinishing machines are connected to a large vacuum that absorbs all of the dust and leaves your home clean. There is no need to worry about any dirt and dust all over your home.

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